Key Collaborative Directions from Academic Affairs 2010-11

Teacher Quality (Teach Washington, C2C): Stephanie Salzman and Dan Guyette
  • Increase the diversity of Washington’s educator workforce.
    • Grow the number of Future Woodring Scholars.
    • Increase private donor funding for Future Teachers of Color Promise Scholarships.
    • Expand peer mentoring program.
    • Enhance capacity of the Center for Education, Equity, and Diversity.
    • Sustain DIVersity in the ArtS program (DIVAS).
    • Support the Teacher Education Advancement program (University Center of North Puget Sound/EvCC partnership.)
  • Insure every Washington child is ready for school.
    • Establish early learning collaboratives.
    • Submit proposal for FIPSE and Gates grant for early childhood/TESOL school-university-community partnerships.
  • Increase cultural competency of Washington teachers.
    • Grow enrollments in new elementary education major: Language, Literacy, and Culture.
    • Establish Demmert Indigenous Languages Institute.
  • Increase the number of highly qualified ELL-bilingual teachers in Washington schools.
    • ELL-Bilingual Education Decision Package.
    • Increase enrollment capacity in summer school TESOL endorsement program.
    • Continue implementation of US Department of Education CIRCLE Grant.
    • Submit proposal for new US Department of Education grant program for ELL-bilingual education.
    • Increase completion of Special Education Endorsement in WCE outreach programs.
  • Improve teaching and learning in mathematics and science.
    • Seek funding for TeachWashington.
    • Continue implementation of NSF Noyce Grant.
  • Increase the number of highly qualified special education teachers in Washington schools.
    • Develop new special education graduate program.
    • Increase summer offerings for practicing teachers.
  • Support the preparation and career-long professional development of highly qualified teachers in all content areas (literacy, social sciences, the arts, health/fitness, science, mathematics).
    • Develop Teacher Quality Network.
    • Establish ADvanced Arts Preparation for Teachers (ADAPT).
    • Grow the WWU National Board for Professional Teaching Standards support program.
  • Expand pipeline and mentoring programs with P-12 schools.
    • Sustain Compass 2 Campus.
    • Expand Learning in Communities and Schools (LinCS): Youth4Real, Skagit Connector, Latino Leadership Project.
    • Support Migrant Youth Leadership Conference.
  • Maintain/enhance regional and national reputation of WWU educator preparation programs.
    • Prepare for NCATE accreditation and state program approval and site visit.
    • Keep NASM accreditation in Music current.

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