Move In 2013

Tuesday & Wednesday 9/17 &9/18 – Permit required, stop by Parking Services to review options or call 360-650-2945.

Thursday, 9/19 beginning at 1PM - Parking is suspended in all R lots only; students allowed 1 hour to unload. 

Vehicles needing to park long term will need to pick up their Fall permits (or purchase a permit) and move down into the southwestern portion of the C lots for long term parking or the northwestern portion of the C lots for short term day parking (follow directional signs).

Friday, 9/20 – R and C lots are suspended.

Saturday, 9/21 & Sunday, 9/22 – All parking is suspended.

Parking Services will be open for move-in weekend Saturday and Sunday, 9/ 21 & 9/22 from 11AM-4PM so that students can obtain their parking permits.

Monday, 9/23 - New Fall quarter permits must be displayed as regular parking regulations will resume; except for C lot permits which must be displayed beginning Thursday, 9/26.

Page Updated 11.22.2017