About the Lock Shop

The Western Washington University Police department employs 1 locksmith supervisor and 2 locksmith specialists that are responsible for designing, installing and maintaining mechanical and electronic door locking hardware, safes, and desk/cabinet locking systems for the university. These three individuals are referred to as the Lockshop.

Besides several master key systems maintained at WWU the Lockshop also maintains a stand-alone electronic access system, works closely with Facilities Management, in particular electronic access control technicians, to design and manage a centralized access system.

To reach a locksmith please send your email to Lockshop@wwu.edu.
If you want to talk to a locksmith you can try calling the following numbers:

  • Locksmith Supervisor                                                                          360.650.3687
  • Locksmith dedicated to Academic Space                                                360.650.2757
  • Locksmith dedicated to Residential Space                                               360.650.3557

Campus Services Building Lockshop
2001 Bill McDonald Parkway

Fax 650-4107




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