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** If keys or electronic prox devices are for University Residences (i.e. dorm rooms), please contact University Residences.

Requesting Keys

To request a key, please fill out the Lock Shop Maintenance/Repair and Key Request form.

Requesting Electronic Prox Devices

To request a prox device, in addition to completing the Lock Shop Maintenance/Repair and Key Request form, please also complete the Lock Shop Prox Template form and attach it to the Key & Prox Request form using the Attach button at bottom of the form.

Picking up Keys or Electronic Prox Devices

Keys and prox devices are picked up at Police Dispatch located in the Campus Services building (view map). A valid photo ID is needed when signing for your keys or prox device.

Lock Maintenance and/or Broken Locks

If the broken part of the key is stuck in a lock or a broken lock jeopardizes the security of the University, please contact the Facilities Management Customer Service Center at 650-3420, and they will dispatch a locksmith to the location.

For after-hours emergencies, please contact Police Dispatch at 650-3555.

For routine lock maintenance, please fill out a Facilities Self Service Work Request.

Returning Keys

If you no longer need your keys or prox device, or are leaving Western Washington University permanently, please return your keys and/or prox device to Police Dispatch at the Campus Services Building.

Lost Keys or Prox Devices

Try contacting Lost & Found at the Viking Union. If not there, also check Lost & Found at Police Dispatch 650-3555.

If keys were not found, please advise the FM Customer Service Center via email that you have lost your keys/prox device and what areas the keys or prox device accessed.

A Lock Shop Maintenance/Repair and Key Request form will need to be submitted for new keys and/or prox device.

Changing Building Hours

Building Operating Hours are set by Space Administration in conjunction with University Police. You can view these hours here.

If the building is controlled by electronic lock, the Lock Shop can help. To adjust hours to accommodate a special event, please complete a Facilities Self Service Work Request and include:

  • Building you want changed
  • Doors affected
  • Days and hours you want

Western Washington University Policy

Managing Access to University Facilities: POL-U5710.01

Page Updated 10.13.2015