Guest Permit Request

NOTICE: Requests must be submitted with the correct date and time.

If you are submitting a request for your guest, please allow a minimum of 24 hours to process a request (weekends/holidays excluded).

  • Requests for Monday permits should be requested on Friday (e.g. permit required 8:00am Monday should be submitted by Friday 8:00am)

Requests received less than 24 hours in advance will not be processed. If no arrangements have been made the guest will be asked to pay for the permit. Reimbursement of their parking fee will need to be processed by the department. Lot assignments are based on duration of visit and space availability.

If you have questions on this process or the online form please email us at or call us at (360) 650-2945.

Department Request for Guest Parking Permit


Note: If requesting guest parking for more than 2 individual or requesting a sign and sandwich board, please complete the Event Parking form. Please allow 3 business days to complete the request.

Page Updated 08.18.2015