Parking Customer Service has moved to the Student Business Office (SBO). Beginning March 1, students, faculty and staff can conduct parking transactions conveniently in the SBO in Old Main 110. Parking customers are still encouraged to use its secure online system for quick and convenient purchases and payments, but when the need arises to do business face-to-face or by phone, the new point of contact will be the SBO, not the Campus Services Building.

Parking Services has implemented a new and updated ONLINE parking portal that’s mobile-friendly! Although the look has changed, the current functions will remain the same. You're able to:

  • Buy parking permits
  • Add yourself to a waiting list for a lot
  • Pay citations

After Hours Permit

Student Parking Faculty/Staff Parking Weekend Parking
7:00PM - 7:00AM (M-F) 4:30PM - 7:00AM (M-F) All Day


  • Evening and weekends, you are allowed to use a valid Parking Permit to park in lots: 5G, 7G, 11G, 14G, 17G, & 19G (NO OTHER LOTS).
  • Permits are not needed in the C and 12A lots between 4:30PM and 7:00AM Monday - Friday and all hours on weekends.
  • Permits are not valid in:
    • Reserved spaces
    • Lots reserved for an event
    • Single ParkMobile spaces

Permit Rates

Permit Type Quarterly Academic Summer Annual
G/R $94.00 $282.00 $77.00 $359.00
C/12A $82.00 $246.00 $67.00 $313.00
CR $82.00 $246.00 $67.00 $313.00
M $17.00 $50.00 $13.00 $63.00
Reserved $206.00 $618.00 $206.00 $824.00
G Fac/Staff Carpool $71.00 $212.00 $58.00 $270.00
Student/Staff CP Carpool $61.00 $184.00 $50.00 $234.00

Carpool Permits

Faculty/Staff Carpool assignments are available in 11G, 17G, and 26CP, students are assigned lot 26CP only.

Two or more people may share a carpool parking permit by meeting the following criteria:

  • One member is designated as the permit holder.
  • At least two people must arrive together on all trips to campus.
  • Each member must read and sign an agreement to comply with the carpool policy.
  • No carpool members are eligible to purchase another full-time or part-time permit.

Only valid carpools may park in carpool lots. On days when special circumstances prevent carpool members from riding together, the carpool permit holder may park alone and follow the appropriate procedure below:

  • Faculty/Staff Carpooler driving alone must park in 12A.
  • Faculty/Staff carpool permits will be honored in lot 12A with no call-in necessary.
  • Student Carpooler driving alone must park in the C Lot.

Instances of parking alone will be monitored to ensure that the carpool system is not being abused.

Scratch Permits (Faculty/Staff Alternative users)

Scratch Permits $14.00

1 pack per quarter; nonrefundable (10 per pack)

These permits (formerly known as Commuter Pacs) are only available for Faculty/Staff who use alternative transportation (walk, bus, bike, or belong to a WWU carpool) as a primary means of getting to campus and only need to drive occasionally.

Scratch Permits are sold in packets of ten.  One packet may be purchased per quarter, but they do not expire until the end of the annual school year, which is indicated by the hole that is punched out at the bottom. Unused permits are not refundable.

Parking services cannot replace lost, stolen, or incorrectly marked permits. It is your responsibility to keep these permits safe and to scratch off the correct date. If you forget your Scratch Permits, you must purchase a permit at the daily rate. 

There is an additional option of getting one permit marked “Evening”.  This permit may be used throughout the quarter for evening and weekend parking in addition to the date scratched. The evening permit must be turned in when you purchase a new packet or a fee will be assessed.

Convenience Pack (5 per pack)

Vendor pack $50.00

Vendors/Contractors only; nonrefundable.

Page Updated 07.07.2016