Volunteer Parking Permit Information

All volunteers are required to register through Human Resources before the first day of service. Human Resources volunteer information is available online at http://www.wwu.edu/hr/employment/volunteer/index.shtml or may be contacted at (360)650-3774.

The volunteer parking application can be found online at Volunteer Parking Permit PDF, and is also available at the parking office. If using the online form, please download it, complete it, and mail it or bring it to the Parking Services Office. Questions can be emailed to parking@wwu.edu or contact us at (360)650-2945.

Once your volunteer parking application is received, Human Resources will be contacted for validation of completed paperwork. Volunteer and requesting department need to allow adequate time for departments to process these forms. Parking permits will not be issued until all forms have been completed, processed, and approved.

Who fills out the application?

The parking application can be filled out by the department or volunteer, the form must be authorized (signed) as stated on the form.

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What if my volunteer is a student or on paid status?

Any volunteer earning credit (registered), volunteering as an intern, or receiving compensation (getting paid by WWU or their employer) will not be eligible for the volunteer permit.

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How will I know if my volunteer has been approved?

Individuals who have been approved will be notified by Parking Services, and will be instructed on how to proceed with obtaining their permit.

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Where do I go to pick up the permit?

Once the volunteer has been contacted about their approved permit, they may pick it up at Parking Services.

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Where will the permit be valid to park?

The permits will be assigned the 12A lot (gravel lot next to Fairhaven), unless the volunteer has a state disability placard. Volunteers with a state disability placard will be assigned the disability spaces on campus.

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How long will the permit be valid?

The duration of the permit will be determined based on the time frame needed to accommodate the voluntary service.

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What is the Volunteer Card?

A “Volunteer Card” is issued when the permit is picked up. This card provides the volunteer a reminder that they need to submit their volunteer hours to Human Resources to fulfill their arrangement as a volunteer. 

Statement on card:

This assignment has been made in consideration of your voluntary status; please submit hours volunteered to Human Resources. This parking assignment is auditable; hours submitted will be used to support the validity of this arrangement.


Page Updated 08.30.2013