Volunteer Permit

It is required for all volunteers to register through Human Resources before the first day of service. All forms must be completed and processed before a parking arrangement can be assigned. All forms are available online; the parking application may also be obtained at the parking office.

When a volunteer parking application University Volunteer Parking Permit Application is received, Human Resources will be contacted for validation of completed paperwork. Volunteer/departments need to allow adequate time for departments to complete the authentication process. Parking permits will not be issued until these requirements have been fulfilled.

  • The volunteer parking application can be filled out by the department or volunteer, but they must both authorize (sign) the form where instructed. University Volunteer Parking Permit Application
  • The designated Parking Services employee will process paperwork will validate status (i.e., not student, faculty, or staff) via Human Resources determination, and Banner records.
  • If applicant is earning credit (registered student), providing service as a requirement to obtain a degree/certification or working for the company or university they are coming from, they will not be eligible for the permit.
  • Volunteer will be will be notified by a parking and instruct them on how to proceed with obtaining the permit upon approval.
  • Permits are to be made up at the time of pick up, with the lot assignment of 12A unless approved by a supervisor.
  • The term of permit will be determined based on the time frame the parking accommodation is needed.
  • The “Volunteer Card” will be issued when they pick up their permit, along with any parking information required (map/regulations).

Statement on volunteer card: This assignment has been made in consideration of your voluntary status; please submit hours volunteered to Human Resources. This parking assignment is auditable; hours submitted will be used to support the validity of this arrangement.

Page Updated 06.12.2013