Citizen Property Inventory System

Western Washington University Police, along with Bellingham Police and nearly all other law enforcement agencies in Whatcom County, and thousands of police agencies around the country, use LeadsOnLine as an investigative tool when searching for stolen property. LeadsOnLine is a specialized program that allows police to search pawn shops, 2nd-hand stores, E-Bay and other sources for property that has been reported stolen or lost. This is a fantastic tool for law enforcement and works very well when information is available that uniquely identifies missing property.

One of the great frustrations for police officers investigating thefts and trying to recover stolen property is that many citizens do not have records of their property handy. Police need serial numbers, owner applied custom numbers or markings or other identifiable information in order to find and return property that has been stolen. Often, found property cannot be returned to the rightful owner because ownership cannot be proved.

LeadsOnLine offers a service for citizens which allows you to store descriptive information, even photos and document scans, about your valuables so that you can later retrieve the information to give to police if your property is stolen or lost.


View a short video with instructions for setting up and using your free ReportIt account: ReportIt in .WMV format.

View or Download a basic informational flyer (PDF format): ReportIt_Flyer

Inventory isn't just for large companies - keep up with your personal belongings and the unique identifiable qualities that make them yours. You can easily and securely store serial numbers, photos, scans of receipts and other information about your valuables. This information is extremely important should theft or loss of property happen to you.

Disclaimer: WWU Police promote the use of ReportIt as a vaulable aid to citizens and to law enforcement. WWU, UPD, and employees receive no compensation from LeadsOnLine.



Page Updated 11.22.2017