As authorized by RCW 42.56.120, the following charges apply to public records requests:

Cost Description
No charge Inspection by requestor at University campus
15 cents/page Photocopies of paper records or printed copies of electronic records (applies if requester asks for paper copies)
10 cents/page Electronic copy of scanned paper records (applies if paper copies must be scanned in order to produce electronic format)
5 cents for each 4 electronic files or attachments Files and attachments uploaded to e-mail or other means of electronic delivery (applies if records are already stored electronically and requester asks for such records to be provided via e-mail or a digital media storage device, such as a CD or thumb drive)
10 cents per gigabyte Cost for transmitting records in electronic format, such as e-mail or a digital media storage device
Actual cost Cost of digital storage media device, such as a CD, DVD, or thumb drive
Actual cost Postage or delivery charges

For large requests, Western Washington University:

  1. May require a deposit of up to ten percent of estinamted total cost prior to making copies;
  2. May require advance payment before providing further installments; or
  3. Will not provide the next installment until payment is received for prior installment