Alcohol and Drug Consultation and Assessment Services (ADCAS)


ADCAS is a confidential service for Western students who want help regarding their own or someone else's use of alcohol, tobacco, or other drugs (illegal, prescription, or over-the-counter). ADCAS staff assist students in making their own informed choices about alcohol, tobacco, and other drug use and related (personal, physical, social, academic, and legal) risks so they can enjoy their college experience and minimize unwanted and unintended consequences.

Voluntary Appointments

If you wish to have a voluntary personal alcohol and drug risk reduction assessment, have questions, or are concerned about the alcohol or other drug use of a friend, roommate, or family member and/or you wish to make an appointment, call 360.650.6865. All voluntary appointments are free of charge.

Required Appointments

If you have been required by your Resident Director, Office of Residence Life, the University Judicial Officer, or the Bellingham Municipal Court to attend a service provided by the Alcohol and Drug Consultation, Assessment and Skills Program, Click here to learn more, or call 360.650.3642 to schedule your appointment. Your referral source is not notified until you have completed the appointment.

Notice: ADCAS classes are only offered during fall, winter, and spring quarters.

Page Updated 10.01.2015