CASAS is a safe, confidential resource for students who have been affected by violence.
(360) 650-3700 • OM 585B
CASAS believes that violence can happen to anyone and it’s never the survivors fault.
Students of all identities are welcome.


Consultation and Sexual Assault Support (CASAS) service is Western’s compassionate response to acts of violence. The CASAS Coordinator assists students by providing emotional support and by accessing all available resources to ensure students continue to be academically successful while they move through their healing process. CASAS also provides support to friends or family members of those who have experienced violence.

Anyone who has ever experienced any kind of violence is encouraged to utilize this resource, whether it occurred 10 days ago or 10 years ago. It is available to students who have experienced any of the following:

• Attempted assault • Sexual assault • Dating violence • Attempted rape • Harassment
• Physical violence • Domestic violence • Hate crimes • Rape • Indecent exposure
• Incest • Stalking • Molestation • Unwanted touching

CASAS can assist with the following:

Emotional Support

Location of on- or off-campus counseling resources

Reporting Options

Information about available methods of reporting violence, including options to report through the University’s conduct system.
Details of these options can be found in our Assistance for WWU Students Who Experience Sexual Misconduct Infographic

Medical Assistance

Information about medical services
Information about reporting options

Support Group Resources

Information about support groups for sexual assault survivors offered quarterly on campus
Connection to other support groups in the Bellingham area

Orders of Protection/University No Contact Orders

Information and assistance obtaining an order of protection (protection order, restraining order, anti-harassment order)
Information about University no contact orders

Academic Support

Communication with professors to assist in creating an appropriate academic plan

Emergency Leave

Assistance with withdrawal from class or school
Assistance petitioning for tuition refund

Financial Aid Services

Information about waivers and financial aid options

Housing Services

Assistance with changing housing or phone number
Information about local shelters and temporary housing

Reporting to the Title IX Coordinator/Equal Opportunity Office

Support in seeking assistance from or filing a complaint with the Title IX Coordinator/Vice Provost for Equal Opportunity.


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