Alcohol and and Other Drug Risk Reduction

THRIVE Peer Health Educators


Our Mission

The Alcohol and Other Drugs Risk Reduction group strives to improve the health and safety of Western Washington University students by encouraging responsible and healthy decision making regarding alcohol and other drug use through non-judgmental, risk-reduction informational sessions and campus outreach programs.

About AOD

AOD consists of highly trained WWU Peer Health Educators. These Peer Health Educators teach three different weekly ADCAS classes to fellow students. These classes are: Group I – basic alcohol/drug information, Group II – advanced alcohol information, and Marijuana Group. In addition, AOD provides outreach and information to the WWU community through posters, information booths, and awareness events. The team holds weekly meetings to plan outreach projects and events, discuss current issues, news, and questions, and practice effective teaching.

Main messages

  • You can learn to avoid unwanted, unintended consequences while having a good time.
  • The more we use alcohol and other drugs, the more we increase our risk for unwanted and unintended consequences. Increase the quantity; increase the risk.
  • In general, students who drink heavily have the lowest GPA’s at Western as amount of drinking increases, GPA decreases.
  • Students can have a complete and enjoyable college experience without drinking or using drugs.
  • Substance free housing is a choice for Western students.
  • Most Western students support Western’s alcohol and drug policies.
  • Most Western students who choose to drink, do so responsibly, but they believe their peers do not.
  • Alcohol and drug problems do not start or stop at the borders of Western.
  • Alcohol and drugs are cultural issues. Alcohol and drugs are global issues, not just a Western concern.


In addition to facilitating weekly scheduled class sessions, the AOD Risk Reduction Team can come to you! To request a program for your class or any interested group, contact ADCAS at (360) 650-6865 and include your name, phone number, email, requested program or area of content, and requested program dates.  NOTE: Your request must allow a minimum of 3 weeks between the date of program request and the date you wish the program to occur. For information about these events or to request an outreach program, please email

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