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Stop by for information regarding Alcohol and Drug Consultation and Assessment Services (ADCAS) and with any general inquiries about Prevention and Wellness Services or our Peer Health Educator Program.

Office: Old Main 560

Hours: M - F 8am - 5pm

Phone: 360.650.2993


Wellness Outreach Center (WOC)

Office: Viking Union 432

Hours: M - F 10am - 4pm

Phone: 360.650.2993

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General Questions & Peer Health Educator Program

360.650.2993 | Old Main 560


Alcohol and Drug Consultation and Assessment Services (ADCAS)

360.650.3642 | Old Main 560c


Consultation and Sexual Assault Support Services (CASAS)

360.650.3700 | Old Main 585b


Sexual Health Education Services (SHES)

360.650.7557 | Old Main 565A


Wellness Outreach Center (WOC)

360.650.2993 | Viking Union 432


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Prevention and Wellness Services, MS - 9039
Western Washington University
516 High Street
Bellingham, WA 98225


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