Masculinity Outreach and Violence Education (MOVE)

Men's Violence Prevention

Our Mission

The mission of the Masculinity Outreach and Violence Education (MOVE) Peer Health Educators is to create a campus and community free of violence, to promote relationships based on equality and respect, to encourage positive, healthy expressions of masculinity, and to be visible, outspoken allies for all who experience prejudice and discrimination.

About MOVE

These Peer Health Educators foster positive, healthy expressions of masculinity; they are allies for equality.

Main Messages

  • Until men join the movement towards gender equality, violence and violent culture will persist unquestioned.
  • Apathy and silence condone violence and you can begin speaking up to challenge offensive comments and stereotypes by questioning your peers in the community.

MOVE Outreach Programs

Let's Talk About Gender

This program is for men and women and has an additional format educating the audience on trans and gender queer issues.*

  • WEAVE and MOVE students co-facilitate a conversation in an open atmosphere about men's and women's issues to break down silence and miscommunication. This program provides an opportunity for participants to raise their awareness and respect for gender differences and similarities, and to check out assumptions and stereotypes we may have about each other.

*We strive to make all of our programs gender inclusive and appreciate your feedback.

For information about these events or to request an outreach program, please email

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