ADCAS Services for Required Referrals

What is ADCAS?

  • Confidential service for Western students that provides assessment, individualized feedback, education, and consultation with a professional regarding alcohol and other drug use.
  • Evidence-based program that reduces underage and high-risk drinking by assisting students in making more responsible personal choices.
  • Part of the fulfillment of sanctions required by the University and/or the Bellingham Municipal Court for students who have violated alcohol and other drug policies and/or state laws.

How does the ADCAS process work?

Step 1 | First Contact

  • Call 360.650.3642 to schedule the Group I Session.
  • The Prevention/Intervention Fee will automatically be billed to your student account following your attendance at first session. Please note: Students pay the fee only when they receive required referrals (e.g. referrals from Resident Directors, the University Judicial Officer, or Bellingham Municipal Court).

Step 2 | Session 1

  • 50-minute session facilitated by trained Peer Health Educators.
  • Content: Confidentiality of ADCAS services, alcohol and the body, alcohol myths and misperceptions, alcohol content of a "standard drink," alcohol content of most popular drinks, and serving sizes.

Step 3 | Online Assessment

  • 20 to 30-minute online assessment.
  • Provides an individualized feeback profile.
  • Online instructions to schedule next step.

Step 4 | Session 2

  • 90-minute group session with Peer Health Educators and/or an individual session with professional staff depending on reason for referral.
  • Content: Behavioral effects of substance use, expectancies and reality, tolerance, drug and alcohol interactions, decision-making, risk-reduction stragegies, and the change process.

Step 5 | Follow-Up

  • Computerized follow-up questionnaire automatically sent 30 days after completion of ADCAS.

Please Note

  • To assist students in fulfilling their required sanctions, ADCAS staff will inform the referral source that the student either did or did not complete their ADCAS requirements.

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Page Updated 10.01.2015