Western's Empowerment and Violence Education

Women's Empowerment and Violence Education (WEAVE)

WEAVE Peer Health Educators

Our Mission

The mission of the Women's Empowerment and Violence Education (WEAVE) is to promote and nurture the empowerment and strength of women. We are dedicated to ending all forms of violence through encouraging communication, taking action when violence occurs, and coordinating events that raise campus and community awareness.


These Peer Health Educators promote messages about healthy relationships, cultural attitudes about violence, and community safety, while focusing on the empowerment of women and the exploration of women's issues.

Main messages

  • Everyone has the ability to heal and deserves the opportunity to do so. Healing is a process that can include: a) naming the violence, b) learning to cope, and c) empowering yourself and others.
  • Relationship violence encompasses a range of physical, emotional, and sexual behaviors.
  • Giving in to sex does not mean giving consent.
  • Violence thrives in silence. Speak up.
  • Consent means that:
    • Both parties are fully conscious.
    • Both parties are free to act; neither is coerced or constrained.
    • Both parties behave positively and clearly communicate their intent.

WEAVE Outreach Programs

WEAVE implements programs and events throughout the academic year to promote our main messages. Programs focus on educating students about violence, PWS resources, and bystander intervention. WEAVE also facilitates events such as Women's Self-Defense, Let's Talk About Gender and Healthy REALationships. Many of our events are co-facilitated by MOVE (Masculinity Outreach and Violence Education). For information about these events or to request an outreach program, please email pws@wwu.edu.

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