University Catalog & Curriculum

The Western Washington University Catalog is intended as a reliable guide for students and potential students. The University Catalog represents a contract between the students and the university. New courses and modifications to existing courses, and new/revised majors, minors or masters programs must be formally approved by the Academic Coordinating Commission (ACC) and Faculty Senate, and such action reflected in the ACC minutes before these changes may appear in the University Catalog.

The following ACC approved forms govern the initiation and implementation of new courses and proposed changes to existing courses, majors, minors and master programs.

ACC E-Forms

  • Request for New Course
    This form includes requests for Permanent Courses, Temporary Courses (X97) and Study Abroad Courses (X37). This form includes built-in details and criteria to be completed for GUR or FYE Courses.

Contact Information

Jamie Lawson
University Catalog & Curriculum Coordinator
Phone: (360) 650-6238
Fax: (360) 650-7327
Mail Stop: 9008

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