Final Grade Instructions

  1. Log onto Web4U.
    Note: you may only input grades if you are the primary instructor assigned to the course.
  2. Select Faculty Services. Select Final Grades.
  3. Select Term.
  4. Select the course you wish to grade and click Submit.
  5. Select grade by clicking on the pull-down menu in the grade field and selecting the appropriate grade or simply place the cursor in the grade field and type in the grade. Use your down arrow once you have typed in a grade to add +/-. Tab three times to the next student grade field and continue typing in grades. Verify a grade has been entered for each student.
    Please note: a system feature will list only the appropriate grades in the pull-down menu, as determined by grade mode the student has registered for.
    Example: only grades of P, NP, or K may be entered if a student has chosen a Pass/No Pass grade mode.
  6. Large courses are broken down into groups of 25 students. After submitting the first group of grades, you must click on the link for the next group of 25, and so on.
  7. Inactivity of 30 minutes on Web4U will result in your session being terminated. If you have not submitted grades prior to this point all grades keyed will be lost. We strongly suggest submitting grades often while inputting grades for large courses.
  8. When all grades are entered for the CRN click Submit. It is not necessary to turn in a printed grade roster if grades were entered via Web4U.
  9. Click on CRN Selection at the bottom of page to enter new CRN. The term will remain the same throughout the grading process unless changed. Select Final Grades and repeat steps 5 through 7.

Deadline for inputting grades is noon, Tuesday of grade week. Access to input final grades will be removed from Web4U at this time.

Note: Grades are rolled to academic history several times a day during grade week. Once grades have been rolled students can view grades on Web4U. At this time faculty can no longer change grades via the Final Grades link on Web4U and must contact Marcia Merth in Records at 360.650.3427 or submit a grade change form via Web4U on the Faculty Services Menu.

If you have any questions regarding Web4U please contact Taya Winter at 360.650.7912 or

Who Should I Contact About Final Grades?

Marcia Merth | Academic Records Program Manager
Email: | Phone: (360) 650-3758