Form H: Distance Learning (online)

Answer Choices for items 1-23 = Excellent, Very Good, Good, Fair, Poor, Very Poor
1. Clarity of student responsibilities and requirements was:
2. Workload for this class, compared to a face-to-face class of equal credit, was:
3. Fairness of evaluation procedures was:
4. Clarity of instructor handouts, lectures, or postings was:
5. Usefulness of instructor handouts, lectures, or postings was:

6. The organization and content of the course website were:
7. Relevance of required readings (Web sites, articles, texts, etc.) to course objectives was:
8. Usefulness of online discussion group was:
9. Encouragement of student self-expression was:
10. Degree to which class fostered collaboration with other students was:

11. Instructor's ongoing levels of participation and contribution were:
12. Instructor's ongoing availability during the course was:
13. Instructor's enthusiasm for the subject was:
14. Instructor's guidance as a discussion leader was:
15. Instructor's awareness of student comprehension was:

16. Instructor's support for student/teacher partnership in learning was:
17. Timeliness of instructor response to assignments was:
18. Quality/helpfulness of instructor feedback was:
19. Compared to a face-to-face class for the equal credit, the quality of my learning was:
20. The course overall was:
21. Instructor's contribution overall to the course was:
22. The instructor's contribution to student learning was:
23. Given limitations of distance learning, opportunity for practicing what was learned was:

Answer Choices for items 24-26 = Much higher, Average, Much lower
24. Relative to other college courses you have taken, the amount of effort you put into this course was:
25. Relative to other college courses you have taken, the amount of effort to succeed in the course was:
26. Relative to other college courses you have taken, your level of academic involvement in this course (doing assignments, etc.) was:
27. On average, how many hours per week have you spent on this course, including working on-line, doing readings, reviewing notes, writing papers and any other course related work?

Questions 28-31 are common to all forms.
28. When you registered, was this a class you wanted to take?
( )Yes ( ) No ( ) Neutral

29. This course is:
( ) in my major ( ) in my minor ( ) GUR ( ) elective ( ) other

30. My class standing is:
( ) Freshman ( ) Sophomore ( ) Junior ( ) Senior ( ) Graduate ( ) Other

31. Grade I expect to receive:
( ) A ( ) B ( ) C ( ) D ( ) F ( ) Pass/Satisfactory ( ) No pass/Unsatisfactory

Questions 32-36 provide space for student comments
32. Was this course intellectually stimulating? Did it stretch your thinking? Why or why not?
33. What aspects of the teaching or content of this course do you feel contributed the most to your learning?
34. What changes could be made to improve the teaching or the content of this course?
35. Please write any additional comments you wish to provide to your instructor about the course or instruction.
36. Please write any suggestions for improving this evaluation form or process.