2015 Successful Summer Research Grants

College of Fine and Performing Arts

Elsi Vassdal Ellis: Grandma Pansy Series
Bruce Hamilton: Professional Recording & CD Release of Chamber + Electronic Works
Theater and Dance
Nolan A. Dennett: Researching: Innovation in Movement Art to inspire the creation of two new choreographic works.

College of Humanities and Social Sciences

Helen Morgan Parmett: On-Location in the Pacific Northwest: Cultural Policy, City Branding, & Regional Identity in Film and Television Production in Seattle & Portland
Communication Sciences and Disorders
Eva Baharav: Individualized Parent Training in Early Autism via Telehealth Services
Allison Giffen: Saving the World: Girlhood and Evangelicalism in the 19th Century
Ann Lobeck: Expanding Diversity: Investigating Language at WWU
Modern and Classical Languages
Cornelius Partsch: Translation of ‘My First Murderer’
Charles Patterson: Performing Blood Purity in Recent Golden Age Performances
Kate McLean: Identity Pathways Project

College of Science and Engineering

Marion Brodhagen: Predictive Aflatoxin Testing Via Loop-Mediated Isothermal Amplification
Ben Miner: Synthesize and analyze sea star wasting disease field data
James Vyvyan: Synthesis of guaipyridine alkaloids.
David Patrick: Controlling Light with Metamaterial-Based Luminophores
Stephen McDowall: Concentrating Light with Metamaterials

Woodring College of Education

Secondary Education
Veronica Velez: Mapping for Change: Exploring GIS and Spatial Analysis as Anti-Racist Methods in Educational Research and Practice
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