2016 Successful Summer Research Grants

College of Fine and Performing Arts

Chris Vargas: Transgender Hirstory in 99 Objects

College of Humanities and Social Sciences

Carol Guess: ANA
Theresa Warburton: Expanding Diversity: Investigating Language at WWU
Health and Human Development
Linda Keeler: The effects of a self-determined, peer-assisted, physical activity and mental health program on participants and peer assistants
David Suprak: Effect of hand placement on muscle activiation and scapular kinematics in traditional and modified push-ups
Jared Hardesty: Constructing Empire: Fortification, Politics, and Labor in an Age of Imperial Reform, 1689-1715
Political Science
Cynthia Horne: Transitional Justice Measurement Choices and Empirical Implications
Jim Graham: Guidelines for appropriate use of the Outcome Questionnaire-45 in counseling settings
Kelly Jantzen: Do we see race in infants? Brain analysis of infant and racial face processing
Adriana Manago: Communication Technologies and Youth Development in Southern Mexico

College of Science and Engineering

Lina Dahlberg: A model for studying how neurons remove misfolded proteins
Robin Kodner: Alpine algae as a model system to study impacts of climate change on microbial biodiversity
Tim Kowalczyk: Time-independent excited state methods for computational screening of photoactive materials
Brady Foreman: Landscape Response to Abrupt Global Warming 56 Million Years Ago
Melissa Rice: Exploring Climate Change on Mars with the NASA Curiosity Rover
Andreas Riemann: Growth and Control of Molecular Switches on Graphite
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