Human Subjects Forms

There are a variety of ways in which human subjects are used in research involving different levels of risk to the individual. The form you use to request review of your project depends on what type of activity you are proposing.

Human Subjects Activity Review Form
Projects involving more than minimal risk (a greater level of risk than what they would encounter in their day to day lives) and/or where subjects are members of a protected group (children, pregnant women, prisoners, etc.).
Human Subject Research Exemption Form
Minimal risk projects where the research subjects will not be exposed to risks greater than those they would encounter in their day-to-day lives. Interview/survey projects are often exempt when questions are not of a sensitive nature and subjects' identities remain confidential.
Human Subjects Protocol Modification Form
For any modification to an existing approved protocol, including revisions to the approved informed consent document. Modifications must be approved prior to implementation.
Human Subjects Protocol Continuing Review Form
Full committee or expedited sub-committee review of projects involving human subjects will be conducted by the HSRC at least annually, or more frequently if the situation calls for it.
IRB Protocol Review Standards
Used by the committee to review protocols and may be helpful as a guide to write protocols.

Informed Consent

Informed Consent Requirements Checklist

Please use this checklist as a guide to developing your consent document.

Sample Templates

The HSRC Committee has created two sample informed consent forms, a standard consent form and another for when the subject is a child and requires parental consent and child assent.

Page Updated 06.23.2015