Fund for the Enhancement of Graduate Research

The Vice Provost for Research, through the Fund for the Enhancement of Graduate Student Research, makes funds available for a variety of purposes. Eligibility, criteria and procedures are described below.

Eligibility: All students currently enrolled, and in good standing, in graduate programs at Western Washington University are eligible to apply for research funding. While the main funding cycle occurs during Spring, out-of-cycle, awards are considered upon the recommendation of the faculty advisor on a case-by-case basis. Students may apply more than once but preference is given to first time applicants.

Award Amounts: The maximum single award per student is $1,000.

Purpose of Awards: Graduate student research awards are designed to assist students in accomplishing their thesis work. Awards may be made for equipment, computer software, consumable items, travel, etc. Requests should be confined to activities or equipment that are central to the student's thesis work and which are not available to the applicant through the Department. Any permanent equipment acquired using award funds remains University property.

Procedures for soliciting awards: Applications for funding are due to the Department Chair who will forward them to the Vice Provost for Research. The applicant should prepare a 1-2 page rationale for the funding request and submit this with the completed cover sheet to their advisors. The advisors will provide comments regarding the suitability of the projects for funding as well as the likelihood that the students will realize the goals. Advisors will forward the packet to the Department Chairs and Deans for review, sign off and transmittal of the applications to the Vice Provost.

Procedures for awarding funds: The Vice Provost for Research will appoint an advisory committee to screen and to prioritize the applications. Final funding decisions will be made by the Vice Provost for Research. In exceptional cases, the Vice Provost may make discretionary awards outside of the review cycle when the student needs could not have been anticipated in time to allow for normal submission of the request.

Criteria for Funding Prioritization: As the Advisory Committee reviews applications for funding, it will consider the following criteria:

Is the proposal well-defined and clearly presented?

Are the proposed activities or purchases essential to the student's thesis?

Is the project manageable within a reasonable time frame for the funding requested?

Matching funds from departments are encouraged.

Committee members may rely on comments from the thesis advisors to assist in their assessments of the proposals. As an overriding criterion, all factors considered should be subordinate to the excellence of the proposal.


Calendar of Deadlines

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