Small Grants

The Office of Research and Sponsored Programs is committed to assisting faculty with research and scholarly activities by providing small grants.

Please Note:

  • A faculty member may only have one active award at a time without prior approval.
  • A specific project may be funded by either a Mini Grant, Grant-in-Aid or a Pilot Project Grant. RSP will not fund a specific project through a combination of any of the above grants.
  • These awards fund approved items in the requested  budget for one year only. Any expenditures not in the approved budget will be charged back to the awardee’s department. Any funds remaining after approved items are purchased revert back to RSP.
  • RSP only approves funding. Please check with Business Services as to whether or not your purchase requires special handling.
  • All expenditures must follow the University’s purchasing, travel, and/or reimbursement guidelines.
  • Please don't forget to include sales tax in your requested budget.
  • Ever wonder where the money to fund Small Grants and Project Development Awards comes from and where it goes? See Indirect Costs Generated and Distributed.

These grants are intended to fund:

  • Individual faculty research, focused on a specific project, (specific instrumentation)**
  • Scholarship as it applies to a specific project,
  • Creative activities (performance, exhibition, display).

They are not intended to:

  • Fund travel to professional venues or during professional leaves (travel during professional leave should be arranged at the time of the professional leave application with the department and college), because RSP provides $500 per year, per tenure and tenure-track faculty to the colleges toward travel expenses.
  • Fund the purchase of general-purpose equipment (departmental),
  • Fund the development of textbook, instructional materials, or curriculum, Dissertation work,
  • Fund the hiring of graduate or undergraduate research assistants.
  • Supplement externally funded projects.


Types of Small Grants

No individual may receive over $5,000 in any one fiscal year for any combination of the following grants.

We do not fund retroactive requests.

Manuscript Preparation/Publication Support

  • Maximum award per manuscript - $2,200 (including all applicable taxes*)
  • Assist with manuscript preparation for publication
    • professional editing,
    • professional indexing,
    • copyright materials for article
    • copies of a manuscript to an editor, publisher or reviewers
  • Reprints, pages charges and publication fees (including peer-reviewed open access journals and monographs) up to $2,200 per publication. No deadline
  • Reviewed by Research & Sponsored Programs Office

A specific project may be funded by either a Pilot Project, Grant-in-Aid or Mini-Grant, but not by a combination of them. A faculty member may only have one active award at a time without prior approval.

Pilot Project (See Rubric)


  • Maximum award - $4,000 (including all applicable taxes*)
  • A maximum of 2 Pilot Projects awards will be made Fall, 4 in Winter, and 3 in Spring quarters.
  • To generate data for a specific project for extramural funding
  • Reviewed by the Research Advisory Committee

Grant-in-Aid (See Rubric)


  • Maximum award - $2,500 (including all applicable taxes*)
  • A maximum of 2 Grant-in-Aid awards will be made Fall, 4 in Winter, and 4 in Spring quarters.
  • To assist with a specific research project or performance/exhibit/creative activity
  • Reviewed by the Research Advisory Committee

Mini Grant

  • Maximum award - $1,000** (including all applicable taxes*)
  • Specialized instrument, software, materials, supplies, or services related to a specific research project
  • No deadline
  • Reviewed by Research & Sponsored Programs Office

To Apply:

  • Read all directions carefully
  • Indicate the category for which you are applying
  • Attach:
    • a detailed description of your project.
    • a detailed line item budget (including all applicable taxes*) or copy of the invoice.
    • Two Page Bio Sketch to include:
      1. Professional Preparation
        A list of the individual’s undergraduate and graduate education and postdoctoral training as indicated below:
        Undergraduate Institution(s) Major Degree & Year
        Graduate Institution(s) Major Degree & Year
        Postdoctoral Institution(s) Area Inclusive Dates (years)
      2. Appointments
        List in reverse chronological order all of your academic/professional appointments beginning with the current appointment.
      3. Publications/Scholarly/Creative Activities
        A list of: up to five publications/scholarly/creative activities most closely related to the proposed project; and up to five other significant publications, whether or not related to the proposed project.
  • To apply for a Mini-Grant, Manuscript Preparation or Publication Support use the Mini Grants Form. Applications are accepted at any time.
  • To apply for a Grant-in-Aid or Pilot Project use the Grant-in-Aid & Pilot Project Form. Awards are made in the Fall, Winter and Spring, see the Calendar of Internal Deadlinesfor due dates.

* Note: WWU must pay tax on all goods and certain services – we are not tax exempt. Sales tax is 8.7%.

** Faculty may create interdisciplinary mini-grants to a maximum of $3,000.

Page Updated 09.19.2016