Small Grants

The Office of Research and Sponsored Programs is committed to assisting faculty with research and scholarly activities by providing small grants.

Please Note:

  • A specific project may be funded by either a Mini Grant, Grant-in-Aid or a Pilot Project Grant. RSP will not fund a specific project through a combination of any of the above grants.
  • RSP only approves funding. Please check with Business Services as to whether or not your purchase requires special handling.
  • All expenditures must follow the University’s purchasing, travel, and/or reimbursement guidelines.

These grants are intended to fund:

  • Individual faculty research, focused on a specific project,(specific instrumentation)
  • Scholarship as it applies to a specific project,
  • Creative activities (performance, exhibition, display).

They are not intended to fund:

  • Travel to professional venues (RSP provides $500 per year, per tenure and tenure-track faculty to the colleges for travel to professional venues),
  • Purchase of general-purpose equipment (departmental),
  • Development of textbook, instructional materials, or curriculum, Dissertation work,
  • Travel to and from or per diem during an off-campus professional leave,
  • Hiring of graduate or undergraduate research assistants.


Types of Small Grants

No individual may receive over $5,000 in any one fiscal year for any combination of the following grants.

We do not fund retroactive requests.

Manuscript Preparation/Publication Support

  • Maximum award per manuscript - $1,500
  • Assist with manuscript preparation for publication
    • professional editing,
    • professional indexing,
    • copyright materials for article
    • copies of a manuscript to an editor
    • publisher or reviewers
  • Reprints, pages charges and publication fees (including peer-reviewed open access journals) up to $1,500 per article. No deadline
  • Reviewed by Research & Sponsored Programs Office

A specific project may be funded by either a Pilot Project, Grant-in-Aid or Mini-Grant, but not by a combination of them.

Pilot Project


  • Maximum award - $4,000
  • To generate data for a specific project for extramural funding
  • Reviewed by the Research Advisory Committee



  • Maximum award - $2,500
  • To assist with a specific research project or performance/exhibit/creative activity
  • Reviewed by the Research Advisory Committee

Mini Grant

  • Maximum award - $1,000
  • Specialized instrument, software, materials, supplies, or services related to a specific research project
  • No deadline
  • Reviewed by Research & Sponsored Programs Office

To Apply:

  • Read all directions carefully
  • Indicate the category for which you are applying
  • Attach:
    • a detailed description of your project.
    • a detailed line item budget or copy of the invoice.
    • Two Page Bio Sketch to include:
      1. Professional Preparation
        A list of the individual’s undergraduate and graduate education and postdoctoral training as indicated below:
        Undergraduate Institution(s) Major Degree & Year
        Graduate Institution(s) Major Degree & Year
        Postdoctoral Institution(s) Area Inclusive Dates (years)
      2. Appointments
        List in reverse chronological order all of your academic/professional appointments beginning with the current appointment.
      3. Publications/Scholarly/Creative Activities
        A list of: up to five publications/scholarly/creative activities most closely related to the proposed project; and up to five other significant publications, whether or not related to the proposed project.
  • To apply for a Mini-Grant, Manuscript Preparation or Publication Support use the Mini Grants Form. Applications are accepted at any time.
  • To apply for a Grant-in-Aid or Pilot Project use the Grant-in-Aid & Pilot Project Form. Awards are made in the Fall, Winter and Spring, see the Calendar of Internal Deadlinesfor due dates.
Page Updated 08.05.2014