Application Instructions

Complete applications must be received by the Office of Research and Sponsored Programs by the deadline (announced in FAST and in Calendar of Internal Deadlines) and should include the following information:

  1. Project Development Program Application Cover Sheet (last page of form)
  2. Detailed project description (not to exceed five pages; organized like a typical extramural proposal). The description should be written in clear, non-technical language that a colleague from another discipline can comprehend and review fairly.
  3. The expected budget for the proposal to be developed and the funding agency/program to which the proposal will be submitted.
  4. A list of all prior internal awards and whether they resulted in external funding proposals or grants.
  5. Bibliography
  6. Two page current vita (suggested format)
  7. Budget justification for the Project Development Award
  8. Relevant supporting documentation

The award period is one calendar year, at the end of which the faculty member shall submit a short report to RSP on the results of the project.


Page Updated 08.13.2015