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      Merrill Peterson
          Front page newspaper image of website
        Collaborative effort between Computer Science and Biology Students to create an online identification guide to more than 1,200 species of moths.
          Image of a Grammia ornata moth
        Grammia ornata
        © 2012 Merrill Peterson
          Image of a Nadata gibbosa moth
        Nadata gibbosa
        © 2012 Merrill Peterson
          Image of a Paonias myops moth
        Paonias myops
        © 2012 Merrill Peterson
          Image of a Tyria jacobaeae moth
        Tyria jacobaeae
        © 2012 Merrill Peterson
        Marion Brodhagen
          Students around their poster
        Brodhagen Lab Group, June 2012 Isolation of native soil microbes that break down biodegradable plastic polymers
          student grinding fungi
        Grinding the fungi for DNA extraction – Andrew Ely
          student loading DNA
        Loading DNA for analysis by gel electrophoresis     - Graham Bailes
          student working on computer
        Bioinformatic analysis – Megan Leonhard
        Native soil bacteria that degrade “compostable” plastics
        Native fungi that degrade “compostable” plastics
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        Ken Rines
          student under a telescope
        Steven Wilhelmy on a research trip to the Fred Lawrence Whipple Observatory (FLWO) on Mt. Hopkins in Arizona. Steven collected new spectra of galaxies in clusters to test models of galaxy formation.  Steven is pictured with a FLWO 1.5-m telescope and the FAST spectrograph used to measure redshifts of galaxies for his senior thesis project. 
          student next to a telescope
        Steven pictured with the MMT 6.5-m (diameter) telescope also on Mt Hopkins used by other students to collect data for their project.


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