Research in Huxley College of the Environment

      Gigi Berardi
      Environmental Studies
        people being served in a food line
      Resilience Farm Project
      (NIFA-CRIS-USDA funded)
        two students working at a table
      Fresh, Local, Organic, Seasonable, and Sustainable (FLOSS) Foods
        magnifying glass over the definition of the word "research"
      Wayne Landis' Graduate Student Eleanor Hines
      Institute of Environmental Toxicology
        student standing with landscape plants
      Stormwater Research Center at WSU Puyallup

      Calculation of risk to Coho Salmon due to the various components of an urban landsape

        student in the field at the Stormwater Research Center
      Stormwater Research Center at WSU Puyallup

      and how the implementation of low impact development (LID or green infrastructure) may reduce the risk.

      Robin Matthews
      Institute for Watershed Studies
        Image of Algae
      Micrasterias (desmid) from Vogler Lake - Freshwater Algae Program
        Image of Algae
      Eremosphaera (green algae) from Highwood Pond - Freshwater Algae Program
        Image of Closterium (common desmid)
      Closterium (common desmid) - Freshwater algae program
        Image of eunotia hemicyclus, uncommon diatom
      Eunotia hemicyclus (uncommon diatom) from Evan Pond - Freshwater algae program
        Student sampling Lake Cavanaugh
      Jessie Rosanbalm sampling Lake Cavanaugh – IWS Small Lakes Program
        Student sampling Fazon Lake and duck
      Peter Bryant sampling Fazon Lake - IWS Small Lakes Program
        Image of Lake Whatcom
      Lake Whatcom shoreline - IWS has studied Lake Whatcom since 1962
        image of IWS staff on boat at Lake Whatcom
      Mike Hilles (IWS Staff) sampling Lake Whatcom
        Early sampling boat -- WWU was WWSC
      Early Institute for Freshwater Studies (IWS) sampling boat


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