Responsible Conduct of Research

All researchers who plan to apply for NIH or NSF grants need to complete responsible conduct of research training prior to applying for the grant. The initial training can be performed at the website. New users can register to take the training using their Western Washington University email.

Once funding is obtained additional face-to-face ethics training must be obtained. This training is offered by the WWU Research Compliance Officer, Janai Symons, who can be contacted at or 650-3082.


Human Subjects

All faculty and students who engage in research involving human subjects must complete ethical research training that is found at  A copy of the completion certificate of all researchers working on a project must be submitted with the Human Subjects Activity form or, if applicable, the Human Subject Research Exemption form.

Animal Research

No formal training is required of animal researchers at this time except the training offered by the principal investigator of the lab or course in which the animal research is conducted.  However, if the animal research is funded by the NIH or NSF, the responsible conduct of research training discussed above needs to be completed by every faculty member and every student researching with animals. 

An optional supplemental training course is recommended that specifically addresses best practices for animal research.  This research is located at the website.  An example of the courses available include “Working with Mice in Research Settings" . 

Time and Effort Reporting

Page Updated 11.13.2017