Research & Sponsored Programs


When the Principal Investigator wants to initiate a subaward to another organization that is contributing substantively to the scholarly or scientific conduct of a prime award, the following information must be provided:

  1. Detailed scope of work with adequate descriptive information explaining the nature of the work
  2. Periods of performance
  3. Detailed budget and budget justification
  4. Deliverables, if required
  5. Any special project specific terms and conditions
  6. Sub-Recipient Commitment form

Subawards and Vendor Contracts

  • Subawards: A separate budget and a budget justification of no more than five pages, must be provided for each sub-recipient, if already identified, along with a scope of the work to be performed a sub-recipient commitment form. (need link like to add this in the forms section)
  • Sub-award or Vendor Contract?┬áThis checklist provides assistance in determining if an outside entity providing goods or services for a proposed project should be classified as a vendor or a sub-recipient. (link to form)