Salish Sea Snapshots

Themed after the TED developed “Ignite” events; our conference has a great model to use. Snapshots are 5-minute talks (EXACTLY 5 minutes) about one thing you’re most passionate about in your work. The format is quick and challenging but can have great rewards – you create 20 slides with photos and images, no text, the slides will be set up to advance every 15 seconds (whether you’re ready or not). You’ll learn a lot through this process about how to tell a story related to your work and how to be engaging.

Abstract authors either noted their interest in a Snapshot format when they submitted their abstract, or in an effort to include as many abstracts as possible, the program committee may determine that an abstract would be a better fit for this type of format. The program committee will be making this determination in February, 2018 and will follow-up with the appropriate authors.

Training will be provided to session chairs and presenters for these sessions. This will be a lot of fun and interesting for both presenters and for attendees. Here is a good explanation of the why and how of giving a “TED-Ignite” talk by O’Reilly author Scott Berkun. He does a great job of summarizing what can be achieved in five minutes with twenty slides.

These condensed sessions will be listed in the conference program as its own unique track - Salish Sea Snapshots. Each Snapshot Session will focus on a common theme and scheduled for 90-minutes as are other oral platform sessions.