Salish Sea Snapshots

We recognize that developing the skill to share a significant project or lesson in a short amount of time is important in our fast-paced world and we’re providing an opportunity for short Snapshot presentations at the Conference. Snapshots are 5-minute talks (EXACTLY 5 minutes) about one aspect of your research or related work. The pace is quick and challenging but can have great rewards. You can choose your own format – we suggest that you consider Ignite format which is using 20 image slides (NO TEXT) that advance automatically every 15 seconds. Snapshot talks are NOT meant to be a way to talk really fast and cover the same amount of material in a longer presentation. Presenters need to plan carefully and be realistic about their presentations. Many people will agree that giving a 5 minute presentation is harder than a 15 minute presentation. You’ll learn a lot through this process about how to tell a story related to your work and how to be engaging.

There are many resources available on-line to learn about Ignite or TED style talks. The program committee will look into providing training for Snapshot presenters and will be posting that information on the Conference website when it’s confirmed.