Student Teams

Entrepreneurial Studies Program

Student consulting teams working with companies on issues as determined by the business owner.

International Business Projects Class

Student teams working with companies on international expansion feasibility.

Working With a Student Team

Benefits of a student team evaluation:

  • The research can prove to be very valuable to the business' bottom line
  • Complete confidentiality will be maintained in regards to process and research
  • Students can gain valuable experience

What are the potential deliverables provided by the student teams?

  • Marketing strategy
  • Financial analysis
  • Human resource advising
  • Operations management solutions
  • Written industry reviews

Working with a student team is free of charge.

Connect With a Team

John Sands

Entrepreneurial Studies Program
(360) 650-3895

To register with a student team, begin by completing the following form: Entrepreneurial Studies Registration Form

Tom Roehl

International Business Projects Class
(360) 650-4809

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