Financial Aid & Scholarships


General Information

To determine the amount of aid/scholarship you will be receiving for the current academic year, log into Web4U and follow the prompts.

Note: Miscellaneous Charges will not be covered by aid/scholarship monies unless the Authorization for Miscellaneous Charges Form is completed and sent to the Student Business Office.

Useful Links
US Department of Education
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Federal Student Aid FAFSA
WWU Financial Aid Department

Alternative & Alaska Loans

(Non-Federal based loans from private lenders - e.g., Sallie Mae, Key Bank, Alaska, USA Group, etc.)

Alternative loan funds do not automatically apply to your student account. Western receives funds electronically. When it has been determined that you have maintained satisfactory academic progress and are enrolled for the number of credits specified by your loan type, funds will be applied to your student account.

Financial Aid Refunds

Aid in excess of current quarter charges will be refunded to the student by direct deposit. For excess aid to be available on the quarter's first day of disbursement, a student's enrollment status must at least equal their award status one week in advance of the first day of disbursement. Students who have not reached this minimum credit requirement by the end of add/drop will have their aid placed on hold. Refunds will be available 3 to 5 business days after all disbursement requirements have been met.

Miscellaneous Charges

If you would like your Federal aid to cover miscellaneous charges (i.e. health service, student lobby fees, bookstore charges, etc.) you will need to fill out and submit to Student Business Office the Authorization for Miscellaneous Charges Form.

WARNING: Failure to submit this form may cause small non-institutional charges to remain unpaid. Non-payment will result in a registration hold on your account and could cause loss of enrollment in crucial classes.

Page Updated 07.19.2012