HigherOne Refunding Task Force



In order to more quickly and efficiently deliver refunds to students, Western formed a cross-divisional group in February of 2011. The committee ultimately made the recommendation to use the OneDisburse program from HigherOne. Since implementation and marketing of the program began in August, 2011, Western students and parents have voiced numerous questions and/or concerns regarding, but not limited to, the following:

  • The manner in which HigherOne has marketed the refunding product to students.
  • The difficulty (having to mail or fax a signed copy of banking information) students have encountered in setting up bank information.
  • Fees associated with using the HigherOne card.
  • How HigherOne was chosen as the vendor.


The Task Force will solicit and review the questions and concerns expressed by students and parents regarding the OneDisburse refunding program. The Task Force will also convene forums to gather additional student input and make recommendations for changes necessary for the OneDisburse refunding program to provide the appropriate delivery of service.


The Task Force will be comprised of the following students and staff:

Student Representatives:
  • Travis Peters, Co-Chair/A.S. Vice President for Business and Operations
  • Sara Richards, A.S. Vice President for Student Life
  • Victor Celis, Student Employee, Student Financial Services
  • Natasha Frey, Student
Staff Representatives:
  • Bob Putich, Co-Chair/Interim Director, Student Financial Services, BFA
  • Becky Kellow, Assistant Director, Treasury Services, BFA
  • Nancy Larson, Information Technology Specialist, BFA
  • Clara Capron, Director, Financial Aid, Enrollment & Student Services


The Task Force will plan and publicize the student forums. Task Force meetings shall be called by the co-chairs.

The Vice President of Business and Financial Affairs and the Manager of the Student Business Office reported to the Associated Student Board of Directors on December 5th, 2012. See attached meeting minutes here.


The Task Force made recommendations to the Vice President for Business and Financial Affairs and the A.S. President on December 16, 2011.


Task Force Documents

Letter Letter Letter Letter
Charter Vice President
Van Den Hul's
Letter to Students
Letter to
Higher One
Letter Letter ASBoard Minutes  
Jan 2012 -
VP Van Den Hul &
AS President Ellermeier Letter to Students
Feb 2012 -
VP Van Den Hul &
AS President Ellermeier Letter to Students
Dec 2012 -
WWU AS Board of Directors Meeting Notes


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