Online Payments

Welcome to WWU's online billing and payment information.

Western Washington University offers electronic billing (eBill) and accepts electroninc payment (ePay) as the primary means of providing student account statements and accepting account payment. Paper statements are no longer printed or mailed to students. Students receive emails at their university email address, enabling them to review their statement and make payments via the Web.

With the help of a third-party vendor, CASHNet, WWU maintains an online system that enables all WWU students to receive e-bills and make online payments by logging into CASHNet's secure website.

CASHNet offers the following benefits:

  • Make payments 24/7
  • No more paper statements. Receive notification that a statement is available
  • Pay online or authorize others to pay on the student's behalf (parents, spouses, relatives, guardians, employers)
  • Pay with an electronic check (ACH) online

For questions concerning your student account information, contact the Student Business Office 360-650-2865 or


Logging into CASHNet

Students - log into CASHNet through their MyWestern account and:

Student tab/ Web4U - Student / WWU Student Account Online

Authorized Users - from the Western home page, select Pay Bills at the bottom of the page.

Pay Bills

  • If a student has created a Student Last Name or "Authorized User" for you, enter the Student Last Name or "Parent" Login and Password provided by the student.
  • If you do not know your Parent login or Student Last Name, you can either reset it using the Forgot Password link, or you can contact your student to have them resend the information via email.


Setting Up Authorized User Accounts

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Students must set up Authorized User accounts to allow others, such as parents, spouses, or employers, to view their bills and make online payments toward their student account. To set up an Authorized User account, follow the instructions below:

  1. Log into MyWestern
    • Select Student tab
    • Look for the Web4U - Student Portal
    • Select WWU Student Account Online
  2. In the “Authorized Users ” section, click “Add New.” Choose a login name for the Authorized User (a unique login name for that person), enter their email address, and the system will create a temporary password for their account. Click “OK” to create the account. Note: If the login name is already taken by another user, you’ll see the error message “Authorized User already exists,” and you’ll need to choose a different login name.
  1. Once you’ve created the accounts, provide the Authorized User with their login name(s), and the following website address: An email will also be generated from CASHNet to the Authorized User(s) containing the same information.

When the Authorized User logs into their account, they will need to create a new password and then will be able to view your bills and make payments to your account.


Viewing Online Statements

Students will receive email notifications at their WWU email address when their newest statement is available to be viewed. Authorized Users will receive notifications at their specified email address. The newest statements will appear in the "Your Bills" section.

The billing statement reflects account activity up to the date of the statement. Check Current Activity Detail for up to the minute charges/payments to your student account.

Note: Mac users will need to download and install Adobe Reader to view the statement PDF's. Other PDF viewers may have trouble displaying the statements.


Using Saved Payment Methods

When entering payment details on the ACH (eCheck) or credit card payment sites, you may choose to have the site save your payment information for future use by entering a name for the payment method at the bottom left of that page. Saved payment methods are only available to the account in which they were created; students cannot make payments using saved payment methods from Authorized Users on their account and vice-versa.

If the student updates the Authorized User's account information (such as password or email address), the saved payment methods will be removed, ensuring the security of your payment information.

Page Updated 07.19.2012