Third Party Billing

Government or Private Sponsored Students

Private Business Sponsors

If you have a non-University business sponsor who is paying all or part of your tuition and fees, you may have your sponsor billed directly by the Student Business Office. In order to have this done, you must first bring or have a letter sent from your sponsor to the Student Business Office. The letter needs to be on official letterhead and must include the following information:

  • Sponsor's name, billing address and telephone number
  • Your full name and social security number or student number
  • Amount to bill for or charges to be covered
  • Quarters or academic year to be billed

The letter should be turned in two weeks prior to the start of the quarter. Any charges not paid for by your sponsor are your responsibility and must be paid in full by the tuition due date.

All payments, including sponsor payments, received after the third Friday following the first day of the quarter will incur a late payment charge.

Late Payment and Fees

A monthly $40 late payment fee is applied for charges not paid by the deadline. Be sure to keep informed of Important Dates and Deadlines. A 1% interest charge will also be assessed monthly on all past due accounts.

The amount due on your account may adjust from registration activity. If you change your schedule, your account balance may reflect those changes. Do NOT wait for an email or electronic statement to check your account status. Please check your account status often, especially after making changes to your schedule!

You are responsible to pay all tuition, housing and fees on time. For a current account balance access your Student Account Online through Web4U. FAILURE TO PAY CHARGES MAY RESULT IN LATE FEES, INTEREST CHARGES AND/OR HOLDS PLACED ON YOUR REGISTRATION.

City, County, State or Federal Government Sponsors

Before you can have your tuition and fees paid by a city, county, state or federal government sponsored agency, your sponsor must have a pre-existing agreement on file with the Student Accounts Office. Check with the agency for the correct form to use for your payment authorization.

You must turn in a government agency purchasing order, field order, or letter with the billing information from your sponsor to the Student Accounts Office at the beginning of each quarter. This must be turned in before your sponsor can be billed and your tuition paid.

Military Sponsors

If your tuition is paid by the military, you need to turn in the tuition authorization form to the Student Accounts Office to guarantee your tuition payment. You may bring the form to the office in Old Main 110, or have your sponsor mail or fax the form directly to the Student Business Office.

Our fax number is: 360-650-7752

If mailing, send the form to:
Western Washington University
Student Accounts MS 9004
516 High Street
Bellingham, WA 98225

Guaranteed Education Tuition (GET)

WWU does NOT bill GET

Instead, each GET account holder will be responsible for requesting direct payment from GET to Western. As always, the account holder can choose to pay the school directly and then request reimbursement from GET.

For GET for the academic year:

The option to distribute funds will be available August 1 for the academic year. We have simplified the online process for using your units. Once logged into the "Using Units" section, you will be guided through a process that tells us the following:

  • Where the student is going to college
  • Where to send the money (payments can be sent to the school or the account owner). Please allow two weeks for payment processing.

If you prefer to submit paper forms click here

To download a copy of the Using Units information sheet click here

Questions? See contact information in the sidebar

AmeriCorps Educational Award Submittal Process

To use your Educational Award for current educational expenses:

  1. Log onto the AmeriCorps website
  2. Sign onto the AmeriCorps Online Payment System
  3. Complete the Segal AmeriCorps Education Award Payment form.

We will receive that information and credit an allowable payment amount to your student account if you are enrolled for that school term.

Questions regarding the use of AmeriCorps funds on your WWU student account can be addressed to the Student Business Office or phone 360-650-2865.

If you have any questions regarding your AmeriCorps account contact AmeriCorps.

To access My AmeriCorps for the first time:

If you are a current member or alumni, and this is your first time using the My AmeriCorps system, you will need to complete a simple registration process in order to be granted access. From the AmeriCorps website (, click on the “My AmeriCorps” link on the home page. You can also access a link to My AmeriCorps by going to Follow the instructions provided on the log-in page to create a new account. Simply enter in the required information to register and you are ready to begin.

Visit the GET website
GET link

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Visit the Americorps website
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