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Assistive Technology Resource Center

The Assistive Technology Resource Center (ATRC) provides a unique opportunity for student scholarship in Woodring College of Education and the Department of Special Education. The ATRC was established in 1998 to provide a 'library' of assistive technology devices that can increase participation and improve independence for individuals with disabilities. These resources are available for instructors who wish to model the use of assistive technologies in their university courses, and for student use with individuals in the public school and other community settings during internship opportunities in the field.

The ATRC is primarily staffed by student workers, providing an opportunity for students to develop their knowledge and skills regarding these important technologies, and to share that knowledge with others in a number of Woodring departments via presentation, demonstration and orientation of the ATRC and its available resources. Other creative activities accomplished by students in the ATRC include:

  • support (including the design and overall organization) of the development of a database used for inventory control and checkout of items
  • devlopment of an ATRC website which was designed and is continually supported and improved by ATRC student staff
  • the ongoing provision of invaluable input and support to faculty during the development of outreach activities (openhouses, presentations, etc.) to increase public awareness within the WCE community (and beyond) regarding the ATRC and its mission.

Without the creativity and dedication of students, the ATRC would not be the valuable resource it has become over the last five years. Their continued involvement and support is essential to its ongoing success in the future.

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