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Biology Department faculty encourage and sponsor undergraduate student participation in their research programs and in the thesis research by Master's students. About 30 undergraduate Biology majors each year choose to take research credits as part of their degree completion requirements. Students intending to work on individual research projects for credit are also strongly encouraged to submit grant applications for research support from WWU. Completed research projects are presented as posters in the annual WWU Sigma Xi student poster symposium. Student researchers also receive support to present their research results at regional and national meetings and through seminars in the Biology Dept. Several of our undergraduate students also participate in national REU (NSF-Research Experience for Undergraduates) programs in the biological sciences. The Biology Department considers scientific research to be the paragon experience for an undergraduate, providing the student with a unique opportunity for growth. Through scientific research, students are able to explore their curiosity and apply their learning in an analytical and problem-solving framework, and to develop skills and abilities that are useful for a variety of careers.

College of Sciences & Technology
March 29, 2006 Western Washington University