Undergraduate Scholars Poster Competition

Undergraduate students may choose (i.e. not required) to participate in the Undergraduate Scholars Poster Competition that will occur concurrently with the Undergraduate Scholars Poster Sessions. This competition is open to all academic disciplines. Below is more information about the competition including elgibility requirements and criteria for poster evaluations by judges.


  • Undergraduate students may choose (i.e. not required) to participate in the Undergraduate Scholars Poster Competition that is open to all academic disciplines.
  • Posters with graduate student co-presenters are not eligbile for the competition. However, graduate students may be listed as contributing co-authors (i.e. non-presenting) and this will not affect poster competition eligibility.
  • Because of the large number of posters, only 2 undergraduate posters per faculty member may be entered. Note: there is no limit to the number of student posters that a faculty mentor may have displayed at the Undergraduate Scholars Poster Session. The limit applies only to the number of posters judged as part of the competition.
  • IMPORTANT! Faculty mentors of students participating in the competition are required to serve as judges in order for their students to be eligible for poster awards. In special circumstances this requirement may be waived. A Scholars Week representative will contact mentors prior to the competition with judging instructions.

Information About Poster Design and Judging

Poster Reception & Awards Announcement

  • A reception will be held on Thursday at 4:00 pm during Scholars Week in the Wilson Library Reading Room. No RSVP or invitation required. EVERYONE IS WELCOME TO ATTEND THE RECEPTION; which includes presenters, non-presenters, faculty, staff, friends, and guests. This is an opportunity to casually view posters and interact with other scholars.
  • Outstanding Poster Awards will be announced at the reception. Award recipients will also receive electronic and written notification of their awards following Scholars Week.
  • Students that receive an Outstanding Poster Award will be invited to attend and present their poster at Back-2-Bellingham’s “Party in the Library” on Saturday at the end of Scholars Week. More information about this event will be provided when the awards are announced.

  • Questions? Contact scholars.week@wwu.edu

Page Updated 11.27.2017