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Center for East Asian Studies

The Center for East Asian Studies encourages students to conduct individual research, to engage in research projects with faculty members and to attend research presentations. Each East Asian Studies major must complete a research methods and materials course that culminates in a research paper and annotated bibliography on a topic selected with faculty advisement. The annual student symposium provides the occasion for these students to present the results of their research to fellow classmates, faculty and guests. This year, the Fourteenth Annual East Asian Studies Student Symposium is characterized by exceptional breath of subject and theme with paper topics including traditional and contemporary China and Japan as well as Taiwan, Korea, Mongolia and Tibet. Symposium panels will be topically arranged; each will have faculty respondent and a question and answer period to allow further discussion of the student research findings.
During the symposium, students will be recognized for a variety of awards, including the Outstanding Graduating Senior in East Asian Studies, the Outstanding Student Research Paper Award, the recipient of the Sarah Ann Wirth Memorial Scholarship, and the recipient of the Henry G. Schwarz Scholarship in Mongolian Studies. All East Asian majors and minors will receive an award certificate. A reception for all attendees will precede the formal presentations.

College of Humanities & Social Sciences

April 24, 2008 Western Washington University