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Western is known and valued for its excellence. The experience of our students - "the Western experience" -- is distinguished by the quality of the learning that our graduates are able to demonstrate - on the job, in graduate schools, as engaged members of their communities. The quality of the Western experience is directly traced to the caliber of the professionals - faculty and staff - who are deeply invested in engaging our students in research and creative activity. The many hours dedicated to mentoring and learning are much in evidence during this week.

Scholars Week is an exemplary event, part of our effort to continually support, expand, and ever more effectively highlight our research, scholarly, and other creative excellence. The work the participating students do alongside faculty mentors provides them a deeper understanding of their disciplines. And this collaboration often provides the step that elevates "A" work to extraordinary results. The presentations during the week illustrate a key component of our overall strategy for moving ahead as a university and for encouraging the brightest futures for our students.

The faculty and students who distinguish themselves through these endeavors bring credit to the entire university.

Bruce Shepard, President

April 7, 2009 Western Washington University