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Institute of Environmental Toxicology

The Institute of Environmental Toxicology is a research and educational facility that provides information and training to both students and professionals in environmental toxicology and serves as a nonpartisan resource for the public, industry, and government. The Institute has an office and four separate laboratories in the Environmental Studies building on-campus, as well as a 2600 sq. ft laboratory facility and 1500 sq. ft. office building located six miles off-campus. Research projects have included conducting regional scale ecological risk assessments, ecosystem-level toxicity tests using laboratory microcosms and outdoor mesocosms, and developing models to analyze complex environmental issues. Research grants totaling $3.5 million over the last ten years have provided theses and internship projects, as well as financial support to more than 40 undergraduate and graduate students. Students work directly with Institute staff and the Director on projects as a team member and present their results at regional and national scientific conferences. Four of the Institute's graduate students and one undergraduate have won the Best Student Presentation Award at the annual Pacific Northwest Society of Environmental Toxicology & Chemistry chapter meeting since 1997.

Huxley College of the Environment

March 29, 2006 Western Washington University