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Modern and Classical Languages

The Department of Modern and Classical Languages is active in encouraging undergraduate students to engage in creative activities in all of its component sections: Spanish, French, German, Latin, Greek, Chinese, Russian, Japanese, and Portuguese. Free and spontaneous expression of a student's thoughts -- the complete control of the linguistic medium - is the goal in all of our classes. Whether in courses focused upon composition or upon literary and cultural analysis, our students use their target languages to present their research and to express themselves creatively. The department's creative-writing journal, The World's Muse, devoted to the publication of poetry, essays and fiction in languages other than English, regularly features work submitted by WWU students and faculty. In terms of organized activities, the Modern and Classical Languages Department brings to campus speakers who can motivate, encourage, delight and inform our students and faculty: speakers have ranged from academicians and high-school language teachers to religious leaders, creative artists and dancers. Japanese cultural events are show cased during Japan Week. The annual MCL Lyric Cage-Match provides a competitive venue for the performance of poetry drawn from the world's language traditions. Traditional scholarly activities include regular participation by our students in the Undergraduate Classics Conference held annually at Willlamette University in Salem, Oregon.

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April 1, 2010 Western Washington University