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The Psychology Department faculty emphasizes the principles of scientific methodology to enhance students' basic skills in 1) critical thinking and writing, 2) quantitative and qualitative research, and 3) the application of psychological knowledge to contemporary issues. To stimulate learning, the faculty offers numerous research opportunities for students. Many of these projects result in student co-authored presentations at regional, national and international conferences. This year many of the students who are involved in research laboratories will present the results of their research studies at Western Psychological association in Vancouver, BC and at the Northwest Cognition and Memory conference at the University of Washington. The research topics cover the range of psychological domains: physiological basis of schizophrenia, trauma recovery and memory, suicidal ideation, psychological violence in the workplace, youth court programs, implicit biases and attitudes, cognitive functioning in the elderly, animal models of craving and addiction, internalized homonegativity in lesbian women, and human operant performance in relationship to response cost.

College of Humanities & Social Sciences

March 29, 2006 Western Washington University