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Teaching-Learning Academy

The Teaching-Learning Academy (TLA) is the central forum for the scholarship of teaching and learning at Western Washington University and brings together a broad spectrum of perspectives from across campus. Engaged in studying the intersections between teaching and learning, TLA members include faculty, students, administrators, and staff from across the University, as well as community members. In addition to biweekly study group sessions, the TLA also sponsors all-campus forums with featured speakers as well as professional development workshops and seminars. Grounded in the scholarship of teaching and learning, the TLA's central mission is to create a community of scholars who work together to understand better the existing learning culture, to share that understanding with others, and to enhance the learning environment for everyone. Students participate in the TLA as part of their course work in a 300-level Communication course entitled "Civil Discourse as Engagement for Learning."

Other Programs & Facilities

March 29, 2006 Western Washington University