About Us

Outdoor Science Learning Resources (GEOL 497) is a class offered by Western Washington University whose purpose is to maintain and improve the arboretum for the safety and enjoyment of the community. Geology 497 is offered through the Geology department and is open for members of any major or program on campus to participate in for Pass/Satisfactory credit. The only requirement is that students complete one college-level science course before registering. Although interests and professional goals vary, members of the class come together with the common goal of improving the natural habitat of Sehome Hill which fosters a sense of community and student leadership.

Ongoing projects of the class include maintaining trails by clearing organics away, removing invasive species and keeping trails walkable and at appropriate widths. Graffiti control and removal is also among priorities of the class, as is monitoring drainage issues within the arboretum. Bigger projects which Geology 497 has completed include building, installing and maintaining stairways at the Miller Hall and South Campus entrances, building new trails and sitting areas to enjoy the natural surroundings such as the Quiet Rocks area with its own trail and the Outdoor Classroom, complete with multiple benches for classes and larger groups. This website has also been a continual project taken on by the class as well.