Nationwide Sustainability Initiatives

A number of colleges and Universities across the country have developed academic programs related to Sustainability. These include (click the for more info):

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Expand Me Berea College Sustainability and Environmental Studies (SENS)
The 10-yr-old program at Berea includes courses from 100 to 400 levels, including coursses in Sustainability in the regional community, Environmental Justice, GIS, Ecological Design, Ecological Architecture, and a Capstone course, along with numerous opportunities for Independent Study, Experiential Learning Projects, Team Initiated Study, Directed Study, and Internships.

Expand Me Bachelor's Degree Programs in Sustainability
The Association for Advancement of Sustainability in Higher Education (AASHE) maintains this list of interdisciplinary bachelor's degree programs in sustainability, which includes programs at the listed schools.

Expand Me Appalachian State University
Many core courses in Sustainable Development, strongly oriented toward agriculture; programs also draw from the standard curriculum to fill out programs.

Expand Me Arizona State University
B.A. program introduces students to the concept of sustainability in the context of real-world problems, exploring the interaction of environmental, economic,and social systems. Students can pursue tracks in Society and Sustainability, Policy and Governance in Sustainable Systems, International Development and Sustainability, or Sustainable Urban Dynamics.

Expand Me Baldwin Wallace College
Curriculum couples the knowledge, skills, and values of science, social science, business, and the humanities with applied internship and capstone experiences.

Expand Me Drew University Environmental Studies and Sustainability
Five core courses cover environmental science, sustainability, GIS, a senior capstone seminar, and laboratory science with focus on either ecology or environmental geology. Also integral to the major is an experiential requirement .

Expand Me Eastern Mennonite University Environmental Sustainability
Students choose between an Environmental Science track, with emphasis on courses from the ecology, chemistry and physiology, and an Environmental and Social Sustainability track, which combines traditional environmental science coursework with applied sociology courses emphasizing international and community development and conservation.

Expand Me Marlboro College MBA in Managing for Sustainability
Sustainability is woven throughout the MBA curriculum; class work during monthly residencies consists of action learning exercises and developing a practical understanding of real-world business issues, by exploring the connections among subjects and understanding systemic impacts.

Expand Me University of Dayton, Master of Science in Renewable and Clean Energy
Join the best and brightest students from all over the world in gaining the most current knowledge to create renewable clean energy solutions. The University of Daytonís online Master of Science in renewable and clean energy prepares you to understand technologies and systems required for a sustainable energy future.