WWU “Six Questions” Coordinating Committee

An ad-hoc committee formed to encourage, structure, and summarize discussions concerning the “Six Questions” registered in President Shepard’s 2013 Convocation Address, and then to provide a synthesis of findings and a framing of any recommendations generated through the process.


  1. Using standing committees and task forces on campus, by inviting community input as appropriate, and through consultation with various groups and individuals, the Committee shall coordinate and facilitate discussion on campus about the six questions below.
  2. The Committee shall maintain a website linked to the President’s Office where updates on discussions may be made.
  3. The Committee shall foster conversations by assisting in synthesis and by connecting the various discussions where appropriate.  The Committee might consider strategies such as drafting a provocative narrative piece to get conversations started, providing access to resources such as the Extended Education White Paper and the International Studies White Paper, and encouraging conversations in such groups like the Teaching-Learning Academy, the Faculty Senate, UPRC, etc.
  4. The Committee might be called upon to provide information for updates to the Board of Trustees throughout AY 2013-14.
  5. By June 1, 2014, the Committee shall provide for the campus community a synthesis and summary of information and any recommendations generated by the process.


Fall Quarter 2013 - Identify discussion groups, initiate discussions
Winter Quarter 2014 - Coordinate and foster discussions, monitor progress
Spring Quarter 2014 - Synthesize discussions for various levels (UPRC, etc.)      


Page Updated 02.21.2014