Six Questions on the Future of Western

Thank you for your interest in President Shepard’s "Six Questions." We hope that you will find the information we've presented on these pages to be helpful, and that it assists you in thinking about the important issues imbedded in each question. We believe that your thoughtful responses will be of crucial importance to Western as we strive toward realization of strategic goals in the near term and the long term.

We will be collecting and reviewing the responses for common themes and suggestions that we can summarize in a report to the campus at the end of the academic year. The dialogue, though, will continue well beyond that time as we work to maintain and even enhance Western’s excellence.

--Brent Carbajal
Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs at Western Washington University

Please Read: President's Convocation Speech

Please select one of these questions that you would like to comment on. Click on the question to proceed to the page where you can read some background and submit your comments.

  1. What should be our responses to the changing demography of Washington high school graduates?
  2. What can we at WWU do to address issues of affordable access to a quality education?
  3. How do we make sure that in future years “we are not as white as we are today?”
  4. What should our approach be to meeting educational needs off our campus?
  5. How is WWU going to play in a future where leading universities, of necessity, are globally engaged universities?
  6. What, in the years ahead, are to be the roles of the liberal arts and sciences at WWU?
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